Take Control

Authors from the Take Control eBook series

MacVoices #691 – Taking Control of Domain Names with Glenn Fleishman

Everyone uses domain names every day and yet not everyone knows how they work. Glenn Fleishman, the author of Take Control of Your Domain Names, the latest in the Take Control eBook series, ...

MacVoices #690: Laurence Chen Takes Control of Buying a Digital Camera

Thinking about buying a digital camera? Laurence Chen, the author of Take Control of Buying A Digital Camera helps you make the right choice. Laurence explains why the kind of photographs and the kind...

MacVoices #658: Steve Sande Gets In-Depth with iWeb and His New Take Control Book

Steve Sande, the author of Take Control of iWeb, one of the newest Take Control eBooks, goes in-depth on Apple's web publishing tool, part of the iLife '06 suite. Steve talks about why iWeb...

MacVoices #657: Joe Kissell Talks About Taking Control of Running Windows on a Mac

Joe Kissell's new eBook will help you Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, and our interview with Joe gets you started. Joe reviews the three primary options for putting Windows on your...

MacVoices #652: Sharon Aker Helps You Take Control of Your Fonts and Font Issues

Sharon Aker, the author of two new Take Control eBooks, Take Control of Fonts in Mac OS X and Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X, takes us on a trip into...