Take Control

Authors from the Take Control eBook series

MacVoices #8143: Sharon Zardetto Re-Takes Control of Fonts and Font Problems in Leopard

Font expert Sharon Zardetto has updated her books, Take Control of Fonts in Leopard and Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard, and talks about changes in both the Mac OS and in some...

MacVoices #8136: Michael Cohen Explains Taking Control of Syncing Data in Leopard

Michael Cohen helps make sense of the many sync options in the Mac OS in his new book, Take Control of Syncing Data in Leopard. Michael explains why he opted to cover data, and...

MacVoices #8134: Joe Kissell Takes Control of VMWare Fusion

Joe Kissell, well known for his Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, narrows his focus on the topic in his latest book, Take Control of VMWare Fusion. Joe compares VMWare Fusion with...

MacVoices #8129: Taking Control of Your 802.11n Airport Network with Glenn Fleishman

Glenn Fleishman has written the book (again) on making the most of your wireless network in Take Control of Your 802.11n Airport Network. Glenn talks about the benefits you'll get by upgrading to 802.11n...

MacVoices #8126: Joe Kissell Helps You Take Control of MobileMe

Author and Mac expert Joe Kissell is back to discuss his latest effort, Take Control of MobileMe. The transition from .Mac to MobileMe hasn't been a smooth one, but Joe helps make sense of...