Take Control

Authors from the Take Control eBook series

MacVoices #769 – Take Control of Troubleshooting Your Mac with Joe Kissell

Author Joe Kissell talks about his latest project, Take Control of Troubleshooting Your Mac, from Take Control eBooks. Joe discusses how he has taken the black art of determining what might be ailing your...

MacVoices #767 – Clark Humphrey Helps You Take Control of Digital TV

The newest release from Take Control eBooks is an update to help you understand one of the most confusing consumer electronics purchase you can make: digital TV. Clark Humphrey, the author of Take Control...

MacVoices #760 – Steve Sande Takes More Control of the iPod

Steve Sande, the author of Take Control of your iPod: Beyond The Music has just updated his eBook and talks about some of the new capabilities in the current crop of iPods as well...

MacVoices #756 – Glenn Fleishman Takes Control of Apple 802.11n AirPort Networking

Glenn Fleishman, the author of Take Control of Your 802.11n AirPort Extreme Network, talks about how to take full advantage of the latest in wireless networking technology. Glenn tells you you don't have to...

MacVoices #699: Password Management with Joe Kissell

Take Control author Joe Kissell provides some wisdom on managing your passwords from his latest book Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X. The Mac operating system and related...