Chuck Joiner, Jason Wudi

MacVoices #15171: Jason Wudi on How JAMF’s Casper Suite Is Ready for iOS 9

Jason Wudi, the Chief Technology Officer for JAMF Software talks about how their Casper Suite is ready on Day 1 of iOS 9 availability to help IT professionals deploy apps and protect corporate assets...
Chuck Joiner, Erik Bernskiold

MacVoices #15169: Securing and Fixing Hacked WordPress Sites with Erik Bernskiold

Erik Bernskiold has a new service and site that you need to bookmark if you are a WordPress user. is where you want to to learn more about securing your site, and where...
Chuck Joiner, Paul Kent

MacVoices #15150: Paul Kent Discusses This Year’s MacIT Conference

This year's MacIT Conference is less than a month away, and Conference Chair Paul Kent has plenty to tell us about who's speaking, the kinds of topics on the schedule, and why it is...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #15121: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Passwords, Online Privacy, and Mac User Security

We're still catching up with Joe Kissell and his latest efforts, and this time that includes three different Take Control books. Take Control of Your Passwords has been updated to version 1.3, Take Control...
Chuck Joiner, John Brayton

MacVoices #15118: John Brayton On Creating Site-Specific Browsers in iOS with Marcato

John Brayton  of Golden Hill Software  has a new app out that creates site-specific browsers for your iPhone or iPad. Marcato is simple to use and provides some easy-to-understand options so that you know...