Chuck Joiner, Paul Levine

MacVoices #14082: Macworld – Use Your iWeb Site with EverWeb or Build Your Own

At Macworld/iWorld 2014 in San Francisco, Paul Levine of RAGE Software introduces us to EverWeb, a new web publishing utility that can not only serve as a replacement for Apple's discontinued iWeb, but also...
Chuck Joiner, Jean MacDonald

MacVoices #14068: Road to Macworld – Jean MacDonald Takes App Camp For Girls to the Next Level

The Road to Macworld  isn't just about adults. Jean MacDonald, the newly minted Executive Director for App Camp For Girls, talks about the App Camp for Girls Open House  at the show and why,...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Gamet

MacVoices #14066: Road to Macworld – Jeff Gamet Gets Fit and Wears Tech To Do It (And More)

What would The Road to Macworld  be without a conversation with Jeff Gamet?  Boring, that's what. Jeff has two sessions at the show this year,  Wearable Tech: What's Hot, What's Not and  Fitness Tech:...
Chuck Joiner, Christopher Breen

MacVoices #14064: Road to Macworld – Christopher Breen on the iPad for Business, Mac 911 and Robyn Miller

The Road to Macworld is all about the conferences, but it's all about all the rest of the show too. Christopher Breen is going to be more than busy at the show. Among his...
Chuck Joiner, Kirschen Seah

MacVoices #14063: Road to Macworld – Kirschen Seah on Fitness Fun with Your iPhone

Travelling on The Road to Macworld may mean getting in shape if we follow the advice of  Kirschen Seah. She will be doing the  Fitness Fun with Your iPhone session, helping us get started...