MacVoicesTV #950: Macworld Expo – The Macworld All-Star Band In Action

Cirque Du Mac
The Macworld All-Star Band (Christopher Breen, Bryan Chaffin, Dave Hamilton, Paul Kent, Chuck La Tournous, Bob LeVitus and Duane Straub) gave their first-ever interview as a band on the MacVoices’ “Road to Macworld” series, so it seems only fair that we let you see them in action. Shot live at the Cirque Du Mac party at Macworld Expo, these unofficial, bootleg videos document the best party of Expo week and the best once-a-year band you’ll ever see. Be sure to watch for a guest appearance by Andy Ihnatko on vocals.


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Jammin’ at the MacObserver Cirque du Mac 1

Cirque Du Mac

Jammin’ at the MacObserver Cirque du Mac 2

Macworld 2009 — Cirque du Mac Trapeze Girl

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