MacVoicesTV #1015: MacVoicesTV at Macworld – Getting Under The Hood with CarMD

On the show floor at Macworld 2010, Kristen Brocoff of CarMD shows their hardware device that can help you diagnose what is or isn’t wrong with your car. Quite literally a plug-and-play solution, CarMD provides much of the same information your mechanic gets when they service your car at your dealership, and even lets you obtain repair estimates for problems. With no ongoing subscription fees, and compatibility with virtually all cars manufactured after 1996, CarMD puts you on a even playing field with the auto repair shops.

Macworld 2010

MacVoicesTV at Macworld 2010 is our series of interviews with exhibiting vendors, speakers, Mac luminaries and friends, and panel discussions recorded at Macworld 2010 in San Francisco.


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