MacVoices #9120: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Thanksgiving Dinner (yes, Thanksgiving Dinner)

Joe KissellNow, for something completely different. Author Joe Kissell isn’t just a tech journalist…he’s a foodie as well, and he blends the two together in Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner. Applying his tech methodology to preparing the most important meal of the year, Joe talks turkey…literally. Which turkey should you choose? How do you prevent your turkey from drying out? What are the ins and outs of stuffing and where it gets cooked? Buttermilk or half-and-half for the mashed potatoes? Why do you need to start a day or two before? What unusual piece of equipment is essential for good cranberry sauce? Joe and host Chuck Joiner, also something of a foodie, discuss all this and more, including why so many tech-oriented people also enjoy culinary pursuits.


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Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner
Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner by Joe Kissell

Turkey Giblets (including Joe’s photo of turkey parts) on The Geeky Gourmet