MacVoices #9113: Dave Stillman of Strider Software Tells The Story of the Return of TypeStyler

Dave StilllmanTypeStyler was a graphics favorite back in the old days, but disappeared with some of the major changes in the Mac OS. The only signs of life were years of “MacOS X version coming soon” advertisements on the web. Well, soon is finally here, and TypeStyler is back with a vengeance. Dave Stillman of Strider Software tells the story of the struggle to bring TypeStyler back to market, why it took so long, and why it is better than ever. While not targeted as a pro graphics tool, TypeStyler offers many pro-level features, but Dave stresses that it is still usable by a third-grader. TypeStyler has gone far beyond its heritage of bending text, and now includes product box prototyping, 3D modeling and much more.


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