MacVoices #864: The Third User Groups 2.0 Leadership Conference

User Groups 2.0

The audio of the third User Groups 2.0 Leadership Conference, held on February 19th, 2008, features keynote speaker Russ Conte of The Rest of Us in Chicago. Russ discusses in depth how his group operates, sharing their philosophy of servicing their members, how their membership has changed and how the group has evolved to address their capabilities, interests and needs. The use of Web 2.0 technologies, share work, and an approach that leaves nothing sacred, even their name are all part of Russ’s presentation and the interaction with the other attendees that followed.

Russ also provided samples of many of the resources he mentioned during the conference, and they can be downloaded for your group’s use.

A global panel of user group leaders and activists participated in the conference, and included:

Russ Conte Allen Emory Pat Fauquet
Russ Conte
(Keynote Speaker)
The Rest of Us
Allen Emory
Triangle Macintosh Users Group
Pat Fauquet
Washington Apple Pi
Peter Fitchett Yvonne Fried David Greenbaum
Peter Fitchett
Apple User Group of Canterbury
Yvonne Fried
Ashland Macintosh Users Group

Dave Greenbaum
Lawrence Apple Users’ Group 2.0
Bill Medlow Michael Potter Nicholas Pyers
Bill Medlow
Long Island
Macintosh Users Group
Michael Potter
Macintosh Users Goup
Nicholas Pyers
Australian User Group Activist
Warren Williams Chuck Joiner
 Warren Williams
AppleWorks Users Group
and iWork Users Group
Chuck Joiner
(host) Editor
The MUG Center

The User Groups 2.0 Virtual Conferences, created by The MUG Center, are a series of online/virtual gatherings of individuals who are ambitious about taking the Mac User Group community into the future, addressing the needs of today’s Mac enthusiast and continuing the tradition of being an important channel of information and influence for Mac users.