MacVoices #861: Joe Kissell Discusses Mac Maintenance Under Leopard

Joe Kissell
Take Control author Joe Kissell is back to talk about the new update to his Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac. Joe covers some of the new Leopard maintenance concerns and picks utilities, new and old, that can help you keep your Mac humming along at peak efficiency. Joe goes in-depth about pageouts, how they affect your Mac’s performance, and what to do about them, as well as some hardware maintenance issues that are often overlooked.


Take Control of Maintaining Your Mac

Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner

Menu Meters by Raging Menace Software

CheckUp by App4Mac

App Update from codelaide software

ProSoft Data Rescue II by Prosoft Engineering

Drive Genius 2 by Prosoft Engineering

VersionTracker Pro

Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard