MacVoices #831: MacVoices at Expo – Christopher Lowe of KeyOvation Discusses the Importance of the Goldtouch for Mac Ergonomic Keyboard


Christopher Lowe, VP of Sales and Marketing for KeyOvation, talks about their Goldtouch for Mac ergonomic keyboard. Keyboards aren’t the sexiest thing out there but are critical if you spend a great deal of time at the computer. Christopher explains why some ergonomic keyboards really aren’t, why wrist rests are both misnamed and potentially damaging if misused, and how the Goldtouch for Mac addresses the issues of customization for each individual.


Goldtouch for Mac

Goldtouch USB Numeric Keypad Hub – Keypad

Photos from the MacVoices’ Macworld Expo 2008 Flickr collection

Christopher Lowe of KeyOvation