MacVoices #8125: Peter Kazanjy Discusses the New Features of VMware Fusion 2

Peter Kazanjy
In a bonus-length interview, Pete Kazanjy of VMware discusses the newest edition of their virtualization software, VMware Fusion 2. Peter and Chuck discuss why running Windows on a Mac continues to be be a compelling topic, how it is evolving and how VMware Fusion is evolving with it. Peter discusses the three goals they had for VMware Fusion 2, and how they are achieved. New features such as improved Unity mode, data sharing between the Mac OS and the virtual machine(s), application sharing, driverless printing and more are discussed in depth. Peter describes new options to let Time Machine help back up your VMware Fusion 2 data files, new Snapshot options to help protect your data and much more. As an added value, MacVoices’ listeners can get a 15% discount by using the special code, MACVOICES1.


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