MacVoices #8122: Jayson Adams of Circus Ponies Introduces Notebook 3.0

Jayson Adams
Jayson Adams of Circus Ponies returns to talk about their latest upgrade, Notebook 3.0. Jayson talks about what has been added to the already feature-rich information organization program, including new diagraming tools, sticky notes, and support for PDF inclusion and annotation. The ability to open multiple Notebook pages in their own windows, the power of the web publishing capabilities, a new toolbar and Inspector, more powerful outlining tools…the list goes on and Jason discusses each in turn before talking about the upgrade and competitive upgrade options Circus Ponies is offering to put Notebook in your hands.


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Circus Ponies Notebook
Notebook 3.0


Circus Ponies’ Notebook Upgrades and Competitive Upgrades

Screencasts Online 0166 – Circus Ponies NoteBook v3.0