MacVoices #8110: Michael Dupuis of Advenio Gets Cooking with MacGourmet

Michael Dupuis
Michael Dupuis of Advenio gives us a taste of his culinary utility, MacGourmet. Far more than a recipe organizer, MacGourmet focuses not just on collecting and organizing information, but on what you can do with that information. (How many recipe programs have an Application Programming Interface (API) and a software development kit (SDK) available?) Michael explains how MacGourmet’s plug-in architecture lets you add feature sets that apply to your kitchen skills, including shopping list generation, importing recipes from your favorite food web sites, nutritional tracking and much more. Michael also covers differentiates the standard and Deluxe versions of MacGourmet, and provides a preview of the features of MacGourmet: To Go, his forthcoming iPhone app.


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MacGourmet Deluxe from Mariner Software

Plan Your Meals Plug-in for MacGourmet

Nutritional Analysis Plug-in for MacGourmet

Web Clippings Plug-in for MacGourmet

Import and Export Plug-in for MacGourmet

Make Cookbooks Plug-in for MacGourmet

Make Web Sites Plug-in for MacGourmet

Web Site Import Plug-in for MacGourmet