MacVoices #796 – Pat Fauquet Introduces MacMouseCalls and Shares Networking and Mail Connectivity Tips

Pat Fauquet

Pat Fauquet introduces her new tech blog, MacMouseCalls, where she shares tips, tricks and troubleshooting wisdom gleaned from her experiences as the Senior Agent for Dr. Mac Consulting. Pat talks about why the site is the perfect way to illustrate the fixes for many of the problems Mac users can encounter, and what else she plans to include in the content mix. Pat also shares some tips for solving network connectivity problems, using one of Chuck’s recent difficulties as the case study, and also helps you troubleshoot Apple’s Mail if you’re having difficulties sending or receiving.


Labels and how they work by Pat Fauquet on MacMouseCalls

How to change names on drives, icons and folders by Pat Fauquet on MacMouseCalls




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