MacVoices #660: Chuck Rogers of MacSpeech Talks About The New Version of iListen, the Mac Speech Recognition Software

Chuck RogersChuck Rogers, the Chief Evangelist of MacSpeech, introduces the newest version of iListen, their speech recognition software for the Mac. Chuck explains the benefits of iListen, the enhancements and benefits that version 1.7 brings, and why Windows-based speech recognition programs are no competition for iListen. If you think that speech recognition is only for dictation, think again. Chuck discusses how iListen integrates with virtually any application at both basic and advanced levels, how to get the optimum performance from a hardware standpoint, and why you will soon be talking to programs like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.


  • iListen MX
  • VXi TalkPro Microphone/Headset with USB Adaptor
  • PakPlace – Place to share and discuss script pack sets for MacSpeech iListenâ„¢