MacVoices #23277: Larry O’Connor of OWC Discusses Thunderbolt and M3 Macs (1)

Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO  of Other World Computing (OWC) discusses Apple’s new M3 chips, Thunderbolt 3 vs. Thunderbolt 4 and how the two relate. Thunderbolt designations can be confusing, and Larry helps us understand the differences and why we need to pay attention when selecting both computers and peripherals. (Part 1) 

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Show Notes:


0:01:40 Larry’s reactions to Apple’s new M3 lineup and laptops
0:02:54 Initial thoughts on the price and display support
0:04:32 Thunderbolt 4 requirements and Apple’s smooth play
0:05:43 M3 Base Model Supports Single External Display
0:07:44 Apple’s Claims of Chip Superiority
0:09:45 Apple’s Biggest Competition: Themselves
0:11:09 The M3 in iMac and competitive confusion
0:13:17 The Importance of Usage and Performance in Technology
0:14:51 Apple’s M3 and Performance Comparisons
0:16:59 The Allure of Gear Lust and Apple’s Standards
0:17:59 MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: Size and Specs Comparison
0:18:51 Apple’s positioning challenge between desktops and laptops
0:20:47 Potential implications of Thunderbolt 5 adoption by Apple
0:23:06 The limited benefits and rush for Thunderbolt 5
0:24:21 Apple’s M3s and the Magic of Apple Silicon
0:25:44 Apple’s Thunderbolt: Exploring Lightning-Fast 40 Gigabit Interface


Larry O’Connor is the Founder and CEO of Other World Computing (aka OWC). Connect with him on X/Twitter as @OWCLarry.


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