MacVoices #23275: Michael E. Cohen Takes Control of Pages (1)

Michael E. Cohen has updated his Take Control of Pages to the fourth edition to reflect the latest additions and changes to Apple’s word processing and page layout program. Michael discusses explore like renaming features for better usability and cultural sensitivity, and the success of Apple’s efforts to unify app features and integrate with iCloud for enhanced productivity. Some of Pages’ newest and most useful features are highlighted. (Part 1)

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Show Notes:


0:00:00 Introduction to Take Control of Pages, fourth edition
0:02:17 The extensive process of updating screenshots and icons in the book
0:03:27 Evolution of Pages from a paid to a free and compatible program
0:05:30 The need for physical collateral in certain situations
0:07:21 Pages as a viable alternative for mail merge with context integration
0:08:27 Mail Merge: A Handy Tool for Frequent Users
0:09:39 The Future of Apple: 3D Objects and Augmented Reality
0:10:06 Creating Illusions with Multiple 3D Models
0:10:38 PDF Retains 3D Model Poses in a Flat Document
0:11:55 Apple Products Influenced by Vision Pro and AR VR
0:13:56 Pages: A Powerful Page Layout Program
0:15:33 The Appeal of Word Processing Alternatives
0:17:10 Functional Changes: Renaming Features and Layout Objects
0:19:03 Mac and iPad OS Versions Becoming More Similar
0:20:39 User Interface Changes for Better User Experience
0:23:45 Seamless Device Integration in the Apple Ecosystem


Michael E. Cohen  has worked as a teacher, a programmer, a Web designer, a multimedia producer, and a certified usability analyst. He’s the author or co-author of several books, including Take Control of Pages, and Take Control of PDFpen, and can be reached on X/Twitter as @lymond.


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