MacVoices #23257: Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Apple Watch (1)

Before we dig into Take Control of Apple Watch, 4th Edition, we talk with Jeff Carlson about his preferences for Apple Watch bands and the merging of technology and fashion. Jeff then discusses the challenges of updating their book, interface changes in watchOS 9, and the benefits of focus modes. (Part 1)

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Show Notes:


0:02:53 A Year of Wearing a Comfortable Band
0:03:21 App for Apple Watch Band Collectors
0:03:55 Apple Watch Bands: The Unlikely App Topic
0:06:09 Apple’s Overboard Luxury with Gold Watches
0:07:25 Apple’s Marketing Success with the Apple Watch
0:08:51 Rise of Smartwatches: From Geeky Nerds to Everyday People
0:10:40 Smartwatch Popularity: From Inquisitive Questions to Fashion Statements
0:11:13 Introduction: Changes in Apple Watch and WatchOS
0:15:29 Accessibility of Control Center
0:16:54 Problematic Replacement with SmartStack
0:18:09 Customizing Side Button Functionality
0:19:35 Middle of the Road Interface Annoyance
0:21:09 Changing Watch Faces and Interface Logic
0:22:50 Feedback-Driven Changes in WatchOS Interface



Adobe Lightroom: A Complete Course and Compendium of Features by Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson’s Fine Art Prints – Autumn Collection


Jeff Carlson is an author, photographer, and freelance writer. Among many other projects, he publishes the Smarter Image newsletter, which explores how computational photography, AI, and machine learning are fundamentally changing the art and science of photography. He’s covered the personal technology field from Macs and PalmPilots to iPhones and mirrorless cameras, publishing in paper magazines, printed books, ebooks, and websites. He’s also the co-host of the podcasts PhotoActive and Photocombobulate, writes for Take Control, has spoken at several conferences and events. He lives in Seattle, where, yes, it is just as gray and wet and coffee-infused as you think it is.


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