MacVoices #22141: Charlotte Henry on Apple TV+ and the Move To Live Sports

Charlotte Henry of  The Addition helps us make sense of Apple’s aggressive moves into live sports, especially the recent 10-year agreement with Major League SoccerExactly how it will play out, who will be able to watch how many matches, and whether we might see tiers or channels on Apple TV+  are all part of the conversation. Has Apple been testing the arena of live sports before making bigger leaps, or is it all part of a normal growth and expansion curve? What features are most important to viewers on either side of the pond? Charlotte offers her take on all that and more. 


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Charlotte Henry is a media junkie, covering how Apple is not just a revolutionary tech firm, but a revolutionary media firm. She is based in London, writes and broadcasts for various outlets, and is the author of Not Buying It, an examination of fake news. You can find her on her podcast, in her The Addition newsletter on sub stack, and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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