MacVoices #21205: Michael E. Cohen Takes Control of Numbers

Michael E. Cohen, the tech and copy editor for Take Control of Numbers, 3ed Edition by Sharon Zardetto, discusses some of the newest features of Apple’s spreadsheet. We cover who Numbers is for, and why it excels (no pun intended) at presenting complex spreadsheet data in a visually pleasing, easier-to-understand format. From why colorization is so important in spreadsheet presentations to the ability to have multiple spreadsheets on one page, Michael explains why you should give Numbers another look. 


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Show Notes:


Michael E. Cohen  has worked as a teacher, a programmer, a Web designer, a multimedia producer, and a certified usability analyst. He’s the author or co-author of several books, including Take Control of Pages, and Take Control of PDFpen, and can be reached on Twitter as @lymond.






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