MacVoices #20156: Randy Fredlund of Vivid-Pix On Photo Correction At Home and Underwater

Randy Fredlund, Cofounder of Vivid-Pix, overcame all sorts of hurdles to tell us about their software products that help you improve your photos, no matter where they were taken. With Land & Sea Scuba, your underwater pictures take on a new dimension. Restore takes your old, beat-up photos and gives them new life. Randy explains the challenges of correcting different types of photos, how they achieve the results they do, and the 9-up interface that lets you pick the corrections that suit you.

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Show Notes:


Randy Fredlund is an engineer, inventor and avid amateur photographer, and serves as the Chief Imaging Officer for Vivid-Pix.  He has over 100 patents in the field of digital imaging. His long experience in Research, Development and Commercialization enable him to translate theory into practice. He enjoys inventing new ways for people to fix and enjoy their images. Every picture tells a story, and he wants yours to be great literature.


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