MacVoices #20133: OverDrive’s Libby Lets You Listen To Audiobooks on Sonos

A new partnership between OverDrive and their app Libby and the Sonos smart speakers will let you listen to audiobooks from your local library. Adam Sockel, Integrated Marketing Specialist for Overdrive, tells us how it works, how you can take advantage of their service, even if your local library is closed during the lockdown, and how listening to audiobooks through Sonos changes the experience.


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Show Notes:


Adam Sockel is an Integrated Marketing Specialist at OverDrive. In his 9+ years with company he has helped promote their award-winning reading app Libby to millions of readers around the world. He is a co-host of the popular Professional Book Nerds, a twice a week book recommendation and author interview podcast presented by OverDrive.


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