MacVoices #19186: Sam W. Klambour On The Push To Bring Zentyal Server to macOS

When Apple discontinued macOS Server, there was a gap in the software market for Mac Admins. Sam W. Klambour, Product Evangelist for Zentyal macServertalks about the need for a native macOS server, and the Indiegogo campaign he is coordinating to do just that. Sam explains why there is still a need for small and medium-sized businesses to run their own server, and why such a server needs to be both simple and powerful. We get a look at what such a server would look like, and learn how we can help fill this hole in the solutions that the Mac, as a platform, offers.


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Sam W. Klambour, Product Evangelist for Zentyal macServer, and a professional Mac Admin.


Zentyal macServer Indiegogo Campaign