MacVoices #18241: Mike Schmitz Introduces His New Project, Faith-Based Productivity, and His Courses

Mike Schmitz has a new project! In FaithBasedProductivity, Mike shares his personal techniques to “help you connect to your calling, discover your destiny, and live the life you were created for”. He explains what that means, what his courses offer, and the role that faith plays in his approach to productivity. Mike also invites you to his upcoming webinar where he will introduce his ideas.

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Mike Schmitz is an Apple fanboy, coffee snob, and productivity junkie who is intent on teaching people how to be more productive. His newest effort is FaithBasedProductivity, where he teaches his personal approach to getting more done. He is also a contributing writer for The Sweet Setup, a site dedicated to reviewing and recommending the very best Mac and iOS apps, and a regular contributor to ScreenCastsOnline. He lives in NE Wisconsin with his wife and 4 crazy boys and is the author of Thou Shalt Hustle. He is the co-host of the Bookworm podcast and (probably) spends too much time on Twitter. You can find all his projects on his personal web site,


Personal Retreat Handbook

Mike Schmitz’ Goal Setting Workshop – January 5, 2019