MacVoices #18192: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Upgrading to Mojave

Joe Kissell is back with a new book that is more than timely. In Take Control of Upgrading to Mojave, Joe talks us through some of the things we will need to be aware of as we transition to the latest version of the Mac OS. More than just the standard advice about backups, Joe shares some of the things you should prepare for, and some the things you should watch out for. The conversion to APFS , what is different this time around, why Apple’s focus on security and privacy is a good thing, but requires a bit more understanding than before, the potential pitfalls of the Apple Mail upgrade, and much more are involved in this upgrade.

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Joe Kissell is the publisher of  Take Control ebooks, as well as the author of over 60 books on a wide variety of tech topics. Keep up with him if you can on his personal site,, and on Twitter.