MacVoices #18185: Computer Historian David Greelish Discusses Classic Computing, The Newton, And His Next Project

Author and Computer Historian David Greelish talks about the short video he produced for Love Notes to Newton, how he got involved with the film, and how he became interested in computers as nostalgia. His book, Classic Computing, is a compendium of some of his past work, along with other materials he has gathered to trace the history of personal computing. Dave takes us through it all, and reveals his next project.

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Show Notes:

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David Greelish is a Computer Historian, Writer & Media Producer. He has studied computer history, collected old computers and written about them for over 25 years now. In 1993, he founded the Historical Computer Society and published a fanzine called Historically Brewed. In 2010, he founded the Atlanta Historical Computing Society and was the Director of the first Vintage Computer Festival Southeast in 2013. His book, Classic Computing: The Complete Historically Brewed contains all of his computer history zines, plus his personal story. He has written extensively about computer history, created and participated in numerous podcasts, plus conducted both audio and written interviews with notable people in the industry, like: Ed Roberts, John Sculley, Alan Kay and more. He has also presented at numerous vintage computing conventions. Find out more at Dave’s web site, Classic Computing, and follow him on Twitter.


Love Notes to Newton, a film about a little green computer and the people who love it (short video spot)

David Greelish’s YouTube Channel