MacVoices #18175: Noted Brings Audio Recording and Controls To Your Business or School Notes

There’s a new note-taking app on the scene, and it comes with some unique features. Vincent Loi of Digital Workroom discusses where the idea of Noted came from, why audio is the basis for helping you get more out of your note-taking, and the controls they build in that you usually don’t find in note apps. He also explains their affordable subscription model. talks about some features  are planned, and why Apple’s Marzipan project could make Noted even better.

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Vincent Loi is one of the Software Engineers @ Noted where he has been in the development team since the very beginning. Young but passionate about Software Development, he is continuously exploring the latest Apple technologies while being part of some major projects at his company, working on both iOS and Android. Vincent also plans to write more “behind the scenes” insights on his Medium blog soon.