MacVoices #18065: Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba Discusses Their New Farrago Audio Utility, and Apple’s HomePod

Rogue Amoeba has a new audio product, Farrago, that has obvious uses for podcasters, and some not-so-obvious uses for anyone who needs sounds at their command. Paul Kafasis explains how this soundboard app can be used to trigger audio files with just a click for podcasts, live productions and more. Paul gives us a sample, and also covers some of the more unusual use cases users have found for it. Paul also discusses how their Airfoil app can be used with Apple’s new HomePod to give it capabilities even Apple hasn’t delivered yet, his thoughts on the device, and who will benefit from it.

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Show Notes:

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Paul Kafasis  is the CEO and owner of  Rogue Amoeba, the makers of award-winning audio software, including Audio Hijack Pro and Airfoil. You can see what he’s thinking on his blog, One Foot Tsunami, and follow him on Twitter.