MacVoices #17180: Yev Pusin Discusses Online Backups with Backblaze

Senior Marketing and Community Manager Yev Pusin of Backblaze takes some time out from a very busy day to give us a rundown on the extensive feature set that his company brings to the online backup market. Yev talks about the response they are seeing to a competitors’ exit from the market, how Backblaze has continued to refine their service and software, and some of the factors that you need to be aware of when making a purchasing decision. Those factors include how quickly you can get your system backed up, the options to restore in the event of disaster, versioning, and many more.

Show Notes:

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Yev Pusin is Senior Marketing and Community Manager at Backblaze, the world’s simplest unlimited online backup provider. In addition to helping craft marketing and branding campaigns, Yev is responsible for all outbound content and online advertising and acts as the voice behind a world leader in the backup industry. When not spending his days thinking of how to make backup sexy, Yev enjoys helping other entrepreneurs brainstorm and bring their ideas to life. Before moving to Silicon Valley and joining the Backblaze team Yev worked for Wells Fargo Financial, where he attempted to remain awake and alert throughout the day. He loves the internet, and his alma mater, The University of Iowa. You can follow Yev on Twitter.