MacVoices #14023: CES – MOS Organizes Your Cables and Connectors Magnetically

From  International CES  in Las Vegas, Jackie  gives us a look at the various flavors of magnetic cables organizers from  MOS Organizer. With one for the desk, one for the car…even one for the refrigerator, your cables and connectors stay where you want, not under the desk or between the seats. Check out their Kickstarter for their latest, the MOS Menos and Spring Kickstarter.

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Show Notes:

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Jackie of  MOS Organizer  


MOS Menos and Spring Kickstarter

Sewell Development Corp SW-30020 MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer – Black

Sewell Development Corp SW-30022 MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer – Aluminum

Sewell Development Corp SW-30021 MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer – White

MOS Magnetic Cable Tie 3-pack