MacNotables #917: Tonya Engst Discusses the Kindle DX, the iPhone and the Changing Landscape of eBooks

Tonyaengst0307As the head honcho at Take Control books, Tonya Engst is closely watcing the changes in the eBook market, and delivers her take on how it has developed and exploded. Tonya comments on the Kindle and Kindle DX, their effect on textbook and newspaper publishing, and more. She also covers why users love the iPhone as an ebook reader, explains some challenges to ebook publishing you haven’t thought about, and how they affect you, and why size may trump function in selecting your ebook reader.


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Take Control books

Amazon Kindle

Kindle DX

Links for Kindle reading:
TidBITS on the Kindle

Free Kindle content from Cook’s Illustrated

Bruce Tognazinni on the iPhone vs. the Kindle as an ebook reader

Briefcase Lite (recommended app for transferring/reading PDFs on a

Project Gutenberg

Apps to check out if you want to explore ebook reading on the iPhone:

Eucalyptus (nice attention to visual details, accesses titles in the Project Gutenberg library)

Kindle app (iTunes Store link)



Summary of eBook formats