MacNotables #908: Adam Engst on How iPhone 3.0 Advances the Platform, His New Production Enhancements

Adam EngstAdam Engst is back after some time off for repairs and upgrades, and fills in the blanks on his personal productivity setup, including two monitor placement, his pointer choice (it isn’t a mouse) and why Apple’s new thin keyboard doesn’t fit. Then, hitting stride, Adam discusses the new iPhone 3.0 software announcements and how they further the iPhone-as-platform position, the integration of third-party hardware with the iPhone, and how the iTunes Store and its selection of apps is the most important factor for the longevity of iPhone loyalty.


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RollerMouse Pro by Contour Design

USB Overdrive

24-inch Widescreen Black Flat Panel LCD Monitor

Apple Mac Pro

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High App Spending Points to iPhone Lock-in by Adam Engst on TidBITS

Weatherbug on the iTunes Store

Google Mobile App in the iTunes Store


Evernote app in the iTunes Store