MacNotables #837: Ted Landau’s Traveling Tech Adventures, Apple Store Experiences and Macworld Expo Predictions

Ted Landau
Ted Landau is back and describes his experiences traveling with the iPhone and MacBook Pro in Japan. Ted discusses the realities of the high price of phone calls, the higher prices of data usage (unless you play AT&T’s game), an amazing lack of WiFi access and more. Tech myths, cheap electronics, $100 cantelopes and more are all part of Ted’s tech adventures, along with some Apple Store experiences and Macworld Expo predictions.


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Traveling with my iPhone (and MacBook Pro) in Japan by Ted Landau on The Mac Observer

A pleasant (and surprising) visit to my local Apple Store by Ted Landau on The Mac Observer

Ted Landau’s User Friendly View – Gazing into My Macworld Expo Crystal Ball by Ted Landau on The Mac Observer