MacNotables #822: Jim Dalrymple Embarks on a New Adventure: Recording and Releasing His Own Album

Jimdalrymple0107-5Jim Dalrymple joins us from safari, and shares his love of roller coasters before discussing his latest project: writing, recording and releasing his own album. Jim details how he got started with this and how he is documenting it on Macworld, the response he received from contacts in the recording industry and more. Few projects like this are truly a solo effort; Jim talks about some of the folks he’s working with, why he’s not limiting the software tools he’s using for the project and how GarageBand is taking center stage in the creative part of the process.


Recording my first music album by Jim Dalrymple on Macworld

Songwriting with GarageBand by Jim Dalrymple on Macworld

Adding some magic to GarageBand songwriting by Jim Dalrymple on Macworld

Beta Monkey Music

Guitar Rig 3 by native Instruments

Apple Logic Studio

Cubase 4 by (Steinberg

M-Audio Pro Tools by M-Audio

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock by Aspyr Media