MacNotables #751: Jim Dalrymple’s iPhone Endorsement, Media Commentary and More

Jim Dalrymple
Jim Dalrymple of Macworld had plenty of doubts about the iPhone before it came out, but now his Blackberry is in a drawer somewhere in his basement. Find out why we waited over a month to ask him about it, and why the iPhone is now his mobile communication device of choice.

While not perfect Jim explains how the iPhone has adequately addressed his biggest concerns, then he and Chuck turns their attention to the media coverage of the iPhone, the Duke iPhone scandal that wasn’t, the iPhone battery lawsuit that is and how you can add custom ring tones to your iPhone, even though Apple says you can’t. Jim also offers up his opinion on new software that puts the power of a legendary guitarist at your command.


iPhone activation disasters by Jim Dalrymple on Macworld

Two-thumb typing on the iPhone by Jim Dalrymple on Macworld

iPhone taking down Duke infrastructure on iPhone Central

Cisco the root of Duke’s problems, not iPhone by Jim Dalrymple on Macworld

Cisco access point at fault for Duke’s wireless issues by Jim Dalrymple on Macworld

Apple faces mounting complaints on iPhone battery on Macworld

The truth about iPhone battery lifespan by Jason Snell on Macworld

Adding custom ringtones to your iPhone by Jim Dalrymple on Macworld

Creative Notes: AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix Edition by Jim Dalrymple on Macworld

AmpliTube Jimmy Hendrix Edition by IK Multimedia