MacNotables #749: Andy Ihnatko’s Take on iPhone Satisfaction, the New Switchers, AT&T’s Courage and More

Andy Ihnatko
Think you’ve heard enough about the iPhone? Think again. Andy Ihnatko provides his own unique take on why iPhone users are so overwhelmingly satisfied, why getting “iPhone-like” featues on other phones is such a popular topic, and the new definition of Switchers that has been spawned by the iPhone. Andy covers why AT&T deserves credit for the risks it took in launching the iPhone, the “disappearance” of the interface and why that’s a good thing, the device’s email capabilities and where it falls in our evolution toward the ultimate mobile computing experience. From the Green Room at the CBS Morning Show to the $100-computer initiative for third-world countries, Andy ties it all together as only he can.


No iPhone? No iProblem! by Andy Ihnatko on CBS News (includes video)

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