MacNotables #733: Dan Frakes on the Engadget-Apple Controversy

Dan Frakes of Macworld joins host Chuck Joiner to discuss the events of the week that were triggered by an erroneous Engadget story. With the smoke clearing from a rollercoaster ride for Apple stock, threats of an SEC investigation and plenty of finger-pointing, Dan and Chuck look how it all happened and discuss questions of journalistic practice, credibility and responsibility. How this incident differentiates the “legitimate† news sites from blogs, what standards each should be held to and the lessons to be learned by both publishers and readers alike are all examined in a must-hear edition for anyone who relies on the web for information. Dan also provides preview of a product for anyone who wants to equip their iPod with Bluetooth connectivity.


False alarm: iPhone NOT delayed until October, Leopard NOT delayed again until January on Engadget

Regarding yesterday’s Apple news on Engadget

iSkin Ceruleantx

“Belkin F8Z901 TuneStage for iPods”

“Griffin Technology BlueTrip Wireless Bluetooth Audio for iPod”