MacNotables #1237: Jim Dalrymple on Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, Vendor Appreciation OS Expectations and More

Jim Dalrymple is all ready for the holidays, and starts out his most recent visit to MacNotables with a discussion of what he’s giving and giving in the way of tech, then turns to Apple’s successes over the past year, and the rise of Tim Cook as Apple CEO. In the spirit of the holidays, Jim thinks we should appreciate developers and their effort a little more, and explains why. Microsoft gets a lump of coal for their handling of Windows 8 and the Surface, a discussion of OS adoption rates, expectations set, met and missed, and Jim’s take on the Instagram fiasco all figure into another wide-ranging discussion with the man who says “Yep.”

The video version of this episode is available on MacVoicesTV.

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Jim Dalrymple is the founder and Editor in Chief at The Loop. You can follow him on Twitter, you can follow his alter ego, The Beard as well, or join Jim Dalrymple Fans on FaceBook. He is a guitar player and dog lover who has been reporting on Apple for almost 20 years. You can find his blog at Sometimes I say things.

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