MacNotables #1223: Tonya Engst On Web Site Upgrades, eBook Publishing and Her New Hardware

Tonya Engst provides an update on some of the projects that are going on at TidBITS and Take Control Books, including the challenges and necessities of a web site upgrade. Tonya compares and contrasts the goals of a web design with those of eBook design, the current state of the eBook publishing process and the many different versions they produce, and then introduces us to her new hardware set-up, and why she made her choices. Along the way, Tonya shows off her solution to an iPhone fashion dilemma.

This edition of MacNotables is sponsored by Smile, the makers of the new PDFpen for iPad.

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Tonya Engst spends her days immersed in Apple technology, serving as editor-in-chief at TidBITS Publishing, which she co-founded. She works behind the scenes on the TidBITS Web site (Apple news for the rest of us) and on the front lines of theTake Control ebook series (highly practical, tightly focused ebooks about technology, mostly Apple-related), where she thinks about the big picture, edits many ebooks, and occasionally gets to write one. Follow her on Twitter.

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