MacNotables #1213: Jason Snell Discusses Macworld Publishing, Media Curation and Delivery, and a New Site

Jason Snell updates us on many things since his last appearance, including his new position as Senior Vice president/Editorial Director at IDG Consumer & SMB, how Macworld is evolving, and their new site that is in beta as we speak, TechHive. Content creation and curation has changed in the 21st Century, and Jason shares some thoughts on how Macworld is addressing those, yet another method of publication that he would like to undertake in the future, why podcasts continue to be important, and more. We also delve into his personal project, The Incomparable, and why he feels it is important (and fun) to do, and his expectations for Apple’s upcoming World Wide Developers Conference.

The video version of this episode is available on MacVoicesTV.

This edition of MacNotables is sponsored by Smile, the makers of the new PDFpen for iPad.

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Jason Snell is the Senior Vice president/Editorial Director at IDG Consumer & SMB. He describes himself as the host of The Incomparable podcast, a parent, writer, and primate. You can find him on Twitter and Google+.

Jason Snell Promoted to Senior VP/Editorial Director at IDG Consumer & SMB




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