MacNotables #1210: Jim Dalrymple on iPad Dominance, WWDC Expectations and RIM

Jim Dalrymple offers his always-candid perspective on a wide variety of topics, starting with the iPad’s dominance of the tablet market, and ending with an update on the saga of RIM. In between, Jim touches on why Android isn’t living up to its hype, what he anticipates for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and The Beard Party at WWDC.

This edition of MacNotables is sponsored by Smile, the makers of the new PDFpen for iPad.

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Jim Dalrymple is the founder and Editor in Chief at The Loop. You can follow him on Twitter, you can follow his alter ego, The Beard as well, or join Jim Dalrymple Fans on FaceBook. He is a guitar player and dog lover who has been reporting on Apple for almost 20 years. You can find his blog at Sometimes I say things.