MacNotables #1124: Dan Frakes on Tablet Buying, iCloud and Tim Cook’s Apple

Dan Frakes talks about the volume of tech news in general, and Apple news in particular, that has come with the popularization of mobile computing. The iPad has dominated the adoption of tablets, but the other players are pushing new options; Dan discusses where they fit in, and how to make a tablet buying decision. Rounding out the conversation are thoughts on how iCloud has measured up since its introduction and how Apple may evolve under Tim Cook’s leadership.

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Dan Frakes is a respected technology writer, book author, and editor, as well as an authority on digital media (including the iPod, iPhone, and iPad) and consumer audio. He is currently Senior Editor and the “Mac Gems” columnist at Macworld, where he also covers the Mac and iOS platforms, general and mobile computing, digital media, and consumer audio. He was previously Senior Reviews Editor for Playlist magazine and Website (now part of Macworld proper), and at various times an Editor, Contributing Editor, and columnist for