MacNotables #1025: Bob LeVitus on iOS 4, Incredible iPad and iPhone Apps and More

Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus has been holed up in his office authoring not one but two new books. Bob first discusses the upcoming, iPhone for Dummies, 4th edition, which covers the iPhone and iOS 4. Bob talks about what the book will offer both new and veteran iPhone users, and highlights two of his favorite features: fast user switching and folders. The second book will be Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies, a follow up to his very successful Incredible iPhone Apps For Dummies. Bob celebrates by sharing some of his current iPad and iPhone app favorites, comments on Apple’s iAds, developer support and more.


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Pandora Radio


Emoji Icons – Smiley, Emoticon Keyboard ~ iEmoticons

Bob’s Home Screen
Bob LeVitus iPhone 4 Home Screen

IMDb for iPhone

iMDb for iPad

USA Today for iPad

Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies
Incredible iPhone Apps For Dummies


iTeleport for iPad

iTeleport: Jaadu VNC for iPhone / iPad

Pocket Legends – iPhone

Pocket Legends – iPad

Angry Birds

Angry Birds HD

Friendsheep HD: The Insanely Popular Party Game

Friendsheep: The Insanely Popular Party Game

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