MacJury #801: The MacJury Is Called To Order on Blu-Ray, the Apple TV, Tech Conferences and More

MacVoices‘ host Chuck Joiner is launching a new show: The MacJury, and the first show is being included on the MacVoices’ site and in the newsfeeds to help introduce listeners to the latest program for Mac news and entertainment. Each show will feature a different panel of personalities from the Mac universe in a freewheeling discussion that will interest Mac users of all levels.

The very first MacJury empaneled consists of some of the members of MacLevelTen, discussing the rise (or not) of Blu-Ray and how it affects Mac users. Will it solve all your storage problems, prove to be just a stop-gap technology, or be leapfrogged by faster bandwidth as a video delivery medium? The jury members then take on the Apple TV, what it brings to the table beyond movie rentals, and what needs to be added to make it a true killer product. Why there is a trend toward in-person tech conferences, why podcasts and social media may be helping drive that trend, and the dynamics of Twitter are all entered into evidence in the first show.

The jurors for this show include:



DesignTools coverage of HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray

Roxio Toast 9 Titanium

Art Directors Invitational Master Class 11
San Jose, CA

HOW Design Conference in Boston, May 18-21

Creative Suite Conference in Nashville, May 19-22

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