MacJury #1202: Apple’s Education and Ebook Publishing Announcements Examined

Only hours after Apple make a series of announcements about their push into the textbook market, The MacJury met to examine the impact of such things as changes to the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) and what it may mean for non-textbook publishers, the text book price ceiling and the focus on high school level books. Is Apple taking a leadership role in moving textbooks to ebooks, or just trying to exert control over part of the ebook space? The evidence is considered by the panel of Weldon Dodd, Tonya Engst, Pat Fauquet and host Chuck Joiner.


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Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoices, MacVoicesTV, MacNotables and The MacJury, a group of shows and web sites that make up The MacVoices Group, and is part ofMacLevelTen . You can catch up with what he’s doing by following him on Twitter, friending him on Facebook, or circling him on Google+.

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Weldon Dodd, is the owner of Rewind Technology, a Mac-focused consulting firm based in Denver, CO, a contributor to TheAppleBlog on GigaOM, and the curator of You can find him on Twitter too.

Tonya Engst spends her days immersed in Apple technology, serving as editor-in-chief at TidBITS Publishing, which she co-founded. She works behind the scenes on the TidBITS Web site (Apple news for the rest of us) and on the front lines of theTake Control ebook series (highly practical, tightly focused ebooks about technology, mostly Apple-related), where she thinks about the big picture, edits many ebooks, and occasionally gets to write one. Follow her on Twitter.

Pat Fauquet is a partner at >Dr. Mac Consulting, the author of MacMouseCalls, and part of the Moms Gone Geek team. You can follow her exploits and wisdom on Twitter.

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