MacJury #1014: Examinations of iPhone 4 Order OverLoad, the New Mac mini, and the Reader Feature in Safari 5 (Part 1)

The MacJury convenes to examine some of the current issues in the Mac world, including the iPhone 4 pre-order meltdown, how a reservation is not a pre-order, and your best bets to get a new iPhone on the first day. Discussions range from the popularity of the iPhone, AT&T and Apple’s culpability for problems, and why the iPhone generates so much buzz and Android phones don’t? Then, the new Mac mini is put on the stand for a discussion of key features, how it fits into the home theater market, and what it means for the future of the Apple TV. Safari 5’s new Reader feature also gets the third degree, eliciting strong feelings from the user, the content creator, and web publisher perspectives. The evidence on all these issues is weighed and discussed by the panel of Jeff Carlson, Bryan Chaffin, Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Michael T. Rose, Fraser Speirs, and host Chuck Joiner


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