Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #23230: Jeff Carlson Takes Control of Your Digital Photos (1)

Jeff Carlson, author of Take Control of Your Digital Photos, 3rd Edition discusses the growing challenge of managing the increasing volume of digital photos, primarily stemming from smartphones and other devices. The conversation explores...
Chuck Joiner, Roger Bolton

MacVoices #17118: SuperMeet – CoreMelt’s Roger Bolton On Their New Final Cut PlugIns and Motion Templates

At the SuperMeet at NAB in Las Vegas, we find out about some upcoming Final Cut plug-ins that have unique capabilities from Roger Bolton of CoreMelt. Roger also covers their now-open Motion template marketplace that delivers affordable special...
Steve Shim, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #17116: SuperMeet – KeyFlow Pro Adds New Features to Their Media Asset Manager

At the SuperMeet at NAB in Las Vegas, Steve Shim, CEO / PH.D. of Malgn Technology, discusses KeyFlow Pro, and its power as a media asset manager for small workgroups. With no practical limitation on the amount of...

MacVoices #690: Laurence Chen Takes Control of Buying a Digital Camera

Thinking about buying a digital camera? Laurence Chen, the author of Take Control of Buying A Digital Camera helps you make the right choice. Laurence explains why the kind of photographs and the kind...

MacVoices #943: Macworld Expo – Terry White Demonstrates the New Power and Simplicity of Adobe Illustrator CS4 at the Adobe Breakfast

At the Adobe User Group and Professional Association Breakfast at Macworld Expo, Terry White demonstrates some of the new power of Illustrator CS 4. With a focus on giving users easier access to frequently-used...