David Symons, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #19075: CES – Nanoveu’s EyeFly3D Delivers 3D On The iPhone Without Glasses

At CES in Las Vegas, David Symons, the COO of Nanoveu demonstrated and explained how their special screen protector coupled with their apps, can deliver a 3D viewing experience on your iPhone without special glasses. EyeFly3D can work...
Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #10125: Jeff Carlson Looks At The Known and Unknown Features of iMovie ’11

Jeff Carlson has been spending lots of time with the new iMovie '11, and has discovered a number of useful, cool and largely undocumented features. Jeff discusses the under-publicized return of the timeline (even...
Chuck Joiner, Pam Elfreich

MacVoices #17043: ShowStoppers – PogoTrack Stylishly Puts A Camera On Your Glasses

At ShowStoppers at CES in Las Vegas, Pam Elfreich of ClearVision Optical introduces us to PogoTrack, a small camera that magnetically attaches to your glasses so that you can take stills or video unobtrusively. Pam...

MacVoices #12113: Mike Hardaker Talks About 645 Pro, A Pro-Level iPhone Camera App

There are plenty of iPhone camera apps out there, but 645 Pro is different.  Mike Hardaker  of Jag.gr   discusses how their approach focuses on getting a better picture at creation rather than relying...
Gordon Bell

MacVoices #10107: Gordon Bell of The Data Rescue Center on How They Can Help When Things Go Bad

Gordon Bell is back, this time talking about another level of data recovery, this time at The Data Rescue Center, another aspect of the Prosoft Engineering empire. Unlike the kinds of repairs and recoveries...