MacVoices #18162: Road to Macstock – Barry Fulk Outlines A Wide Variety of Evening Events at Macstock

The Road to Macstock takes us to Barry Fulk, the organizer of the evening activities at Macstock. Barry is well-known for his social event planning, and this year will take the after-hours options to a new level. Barry...
Alex Trujillo, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #18050: CES – FlightScope Portable Radar Provides Golf and Baseball Swing Analysis

At CES in Las Vegas, golf training takes a very high-tech turn with FlightScope, a small, portable Doppler 3D radar unit that can measure golf and baseball swing information and results just by being in proximity to...
Chuck Joiner, Tim Leible

MacVoices #18048: CES – Coachlabs’ DuoTrac Helps Improve Your Golf Game

At CES in Las Vegas, we take a sports-oriented turn with a visit to the Coachlabs’ booth to chat with Tim Leible, Director of Engineering about DuoTrac, a three-sensor system to track your club and body movements...
Chuck Joiner, Patrice Chen, Ari Morguelan

MacVoices #18025: Pepcom – 1MORE Picks Up Awards, Introduces VR Gaming Headphones

 At Pepcom in Las Vegas, 1MORE is back to celebrate receiving three different CES awards, and to introduce their new VR gaming headphones. Ari Morguelan, Director, PR/Media and Patrice Chen, Oversea BU, GM, talk about the...
Chuck Joiner, Stanislas Chesnais

MacVoices #18014: CES Unveiled – 3dRudder Puts Your Feet In Virtual Reality

At CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, we caught up with Stanislas Chesnais, the Founder and CEO of 3dRudder,    and found out about the improvements they have made to their foot-control interface for virtual reality since we talked to him...